Immigration Forum—August 19th
Easton Fire House

The Talbot County Republican Council conducted a forum on immigration on August 19th at the Easton Fire House. The keynoter and moderator was Dr. Timothy Dunn, Salisbury University professor of sociology who has studied and written extensively on immigration. The panel consisted of Talbot County Sheriff Dallas Pope, who discussed the law enforcement angle; Kelly Griffith, Superintendent of Talbot County Schools, who discussed immigrant impact on the school system; Leila Borrerto-Krouse, immigrant specialist, who gave an overview of immigration on the Eastern Shore; and Matthew Peters, Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center, who lived for 13 years in rural Guatemala, gave insight into the current border situation. The panelists were allowed 10 minutes each, and there were questions following the presentations.

Annual Fun Shoot FunRaiser FundRaiser
A great success!

Our annual fundraiser was held at Talbot Rod and Gun Club, 9226 Chapel Road, Easton, MD. Experienced and inexperienced shooters participated, and everyone had a great time. 2014 is a big election year, so stay tuned for how you can help!

Veterans Day Keynote Address
November 11, 2013

The Treasurer of the Republican Council, Dave Lovelady, was asked by Mayor Bob Willey of Easton to deliver the keynote address at Easton's Veterans Day event in 2013.  Dave retired from a distinguished career in the Navy where he amassed over 200 combat missions in Vietnam and the Middle East, served two tours as a test pilot, and commanded a fighter squadron and a carrier air wing composed of nine squadrons. Click here to read Dave's speech.

Click here to read articles written by the President of the Republican Council.

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There are some Issues that are almost always of concern. We have taken the liberty of drafting short essays that address a long-standing issue that doesn't often change very much or that provide a framework within which one can view the issues that are almost always there but evolve over time or are currently undergoing change. Those "morphing" issues may not lend themselves to a definitive statement that would be appropriate over the long haul. Here are some of those long-standing Issues:

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